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My Christmas present this year (2014) was an Intuos Wacom CTH-480S tablet.
So far I am trying it out and followed a tutorial on drawing a carrot with the tablet.
My carrot output was fine (although I did not spend too much time with it!).

I also have edited GIMP and finally got it to recognise Python-Fu scripts (it seemed only to work when I installed Python 2.6 and a bunch of other stuff PyCairo etc? Why wouldn't it work with later Python versions?).

So I hope to finish my original sword image that I started when I joined here last year and to get better at digital artwork...

Happy New Year to all!
How can I get better at art using this site?
Today I joined deviantART and uploaded a cartoon .jpg of a wasp that took me 5 minutes in GIMP to do!

I am planning for this to be the start of my digital art portfolio and I look forward to trying all digital art forms (Povray etc etc) and uploading some more image files here and developing on the site here!